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The First Muse Newsletter - Week 5, July 3
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 00:00

SunflowerHi Friends,

I rose early this morning to cut flowers and greet the warm July sun. A mama robin was teaching her baby to fly and it caused quite a ruckus as other robins flew around chirping, and the baby, with wings outstretched, looked surprised and unsure in the grass. Mama returned and encouraged baby by swooping back and forth and nudging it. I missed the liftoff as I was chasing our cat Maggie, who was being dive-bombed by protective robins, back into the house. She sat by the window and complained the rest of the morning. When I went back out, the training crew and trainee had returned to the safety of the Catalpa branches.

BobcatMore wildlife updates this week: our neighbor has now spotted bobcats on his webcam at the top of "Short Mountain", just south of our home. They are much larger than we expected. It's only recently that their populations have increased regionally; a few years ago they were rarely seen, if at all. We can hear them calling at night along with the Eastern Hoothowl, Coyote, and Tree Frogs. Sometimes I'll wake early enough to spot a raccoon heading to bed.


First Cured Garlic 2012


Featured this week is our first garlic. It’s a variety called Music. Our garlic supplier describes it as, “Beautiful porcelain type having 4-7 huge, uniform cloves with a sweet, pungent flavor. Bulbs have a hint of pink and can easily grow to 2”-3” in size. Tall majestic plant. Stores up to nine months. Organic.” This might be one of the milder ones you'll find in your basket this season. We have several varieties curing that are labeled "hot". Remember to keep garlic out of the fridge and in a cool, dry, dark spot; otherwise, the dear thing thinks its winter and will sprout once you remove it from the fridge. These babies have been living in the valley since early November 2011. I’m having trouble parting with them! ;-)

Suggestion for cutting celery this week: add it to a pesto blend of fresh herbs, cheese, olive oil, and toasted nuts. Toss it with orzo and summer veggies and enjoy.

June Cukes!Today’s harvest includes Daikon, Beets, Lettuce, Scallions, Cukes, Carrots, Herbs, Flowers, Kohlrabi, Turnips, and Garlic.

Our tomatoes, squash, and cantaloupe vines are heavy with fruit and we expect to have enough to share before long.

Have a wonderful holiday – stay cool!

--Calliope & Jim