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Tomato - "Rose" (heirloom)

From Johnnys, "Rivals Brandywine for taste.

We have been growing these big, delicious heirloom tomatoes for several years, and we sometimes judge their taste to be even better than the great Brandywine. Rose is a deep rose-red color, usually smoother than Brandywine, and every bit as large and meaty. Normal-leaf plants out-yield Brandywine. Try this for great tasting, big, sandwich-size tomatoes, especially if you grow Brandywine, and let us know what you think.

John David Helsel of Connecticut sent us seeds in 1991. His sister, Dr. Grace Kaiser, was a physician to the Amish in New Holland, PA, and was given seeds in 1960 by Hannah Lapp, one of her patients. Indeterminate. Organically grown."

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