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The First Muse Newsletter - Week 13, August 28
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 00:00

Greetings, Friends of First Muse,

MicrogreensMicro-greens are the featured item this week! These little bits of flavor and crunch have a fairly short shelf life. Use them within 3-5 days, if not sooner. Before eating, rinse lightly and spin dry. Try topping a homemade pizza with them after its baked; add them to a salad; or if you have a special occasion or just feel like something new, try them here in my favorite micro-greens recipe.


Another suggested culinary effort this week is our favorite salmon recipe. The salmon is covered in a pungent and aromatic bark of coriander, cumin, paprika, curry, and cayenne; it's then seared and served with Thai Vegetables. The recipe calls for Pac Choic (bok choy) but I also added kohlrabi, turnips, kale, and scallions. Serve with creamy, coconut basmati. I imagine the salmon can be substituted for chicken; however, if you haven't tried Wild for Salmon!, a product sustainably harvested by a Bloomsburg, PA, couple in the Bristol Bay of Alaska, you should. Many local and organic farms that carry meat or dairy, carry Wild for Salmon! Three of them, off the top of my head, include Landisdale Farm, Blue Rooster Farm, and North Mountain Pastures.

Kabocha 2012Yesterday in the foggy morning air I harvested Kabocha Squash. The stems had become "corky" as they are described when they are ready for picking. They are thick, hardened, and the color of cork. The fruit is a brilliant orangish-red, appropriate to the cultivar that they are: Sunshine. I'll let them cure on the porch for a few weeks so they are sure to be extra flavorful when they arrive in the baskets.

We've reached the season of removing expired plants from the tunnel; my list includes squash, cucumbers, old flowers, and soon, tomatoes. Even the peppers are dropping their leaves because of the chilly nights. When plants begin to die back this time of year, it takes me a moment or two to realize that it isn't from a lack of care, but simply because fall is knocking at our door.

Since next Monday is Labor Day, we are taking the day off! We will be harvesting on Tuesday instead and delivering on Wednesday, September 5 by 2pm to Cornerstone.

Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday weekend,

--Calliope & Jim