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The First Muse Newsletter - Week 20, October 16
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 00:00

Fall Hello Friends,

Friday's frost knocked out all of our basil that I was hoping to turn into pesto, many of our flowers, and the remaining tomato plants. We awoke to the sound of Catalpa leaves hitting the metal roof and covering the porch. It really is fall!

Over the weekend we visited a farm in Perry County and marveled at the farmer's 2 foot tall Swiss Chard plants and the enormous beets popping out of the soil. Lush herbs cascaded down the sides of raised beds and wafted their fragrances into our noses as we brushed past them. An abundance of giant kale and lemon-size brussel sprouts lined the outer edges of the garden along with colorful leaves that had fallen; and peppers plants, heavy with unpicked fruit, bowed to the earth, nipped from the previous night’s frost. I commented on the lushness of the plot of vegetables and the farmer mentioned that he and his wife have been fertilizing that plot of ground for almost 30 years! It was a real pleasure to see what a garden can look like after 3 decades of good soil care. They also had a few French Black Copper Marans chickens and roosters running around. Our rooster, Don Juan, is so far the most gorgeous I’ve seen with his long neck, ruby red comb, and rainbow of tail feathers. He’s got those other fellas beat. He's a terror to visitors, but man, does he take care of those hens! Makes me think it might be time to hatch a few more chicks this spring and keep that bloodline alive.

Kohlrabi SwirlAs you know, this is the final week of our CSA. It has been a wonderful adventure for us and we hope you have enjoyed the veggies, flowers, fruit, and herbs in your baskets each week over the past few months. October marks a busy transition with clean-up, filling the beds with compost, and planting garlic. When November rolls around, it takes me a couple of weeks to figure out what to do with my free time. I may even take a nap! :)

Thank you for your support! It has been a delight to grow and share again this year.


Enjoy the autumn season and the months ahead.

All our best,

--Calliope & Jim