French Black Copper Marans
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 07:43

Our long-awaited French Black Copper Marans Eggs have arrived!!!

Marans mail label

Wynette at Adamson Acres packaged them so expertly - they all arrived intact! I wore gloves to protect the eggs from bacteria. They'll go into the incubator tonight!

Eggs in boxExpertly packaged!Looking down through the bubble wrap

Marans lay very dark chocolate eggs and the hens that laid these "are older, [and] their eggs are just not as dark as they once were.  The chicks you get out of this hatch should lay darker!!" Wynette told me. Check out the sample shell to the right. She sent us two extra eggs total - 26 total. Our entire experience with Adamson Acres has been nothing but FANTASTIC.

Eggs close up26 eggsAll the beauties

In 18 days, we'll take them off the automatic egg turner and lay them on the screen inside the incubator, so they can position their little bodies for hatching. On Day 21, they should begin to hatch. Stay tuned for an upcoming "Chicken Blog" :)

One Happy Muse, soon-to-be chicken lady.