Cute! Still cute!
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 00:00

2 weeks oldMy darling fluffybutts turned 2 weeks old yesterday and today, and they are really growing fast! 1 week ago they were devouring a quart of food per day, and now we're up to 4 quarts per day! We've changed the water from a quart waterer to a gallon because they are as tall as the quart and guzzling it quickly. Chickens don't really guzzle; their drinking habits are actually quite graceful, but they do drink a lot! Speaking of a lot, they are also now pooping a lot. I have to change the litter (pine shavings) at least once every other day and something tells me that before their indoor stay is through, I'll be changing it out every day. They are growing so fast! I'm a lucky girl to be able to participate in the lives of these amazing little creatures.


I see you! Where's my food?

Lil sweetie 2 weeks


3 stooges nap

Sleeping beauty


This sweetie is so friendly! She keeps guard while the others are sleeping, and is always the first to approach me when I enter the box. She likes to be petted and talked to, and will try to peck earrings, strings, and other accessories. Interestingly, she doesn't have any feathers on her shanks, while some of the chicks have very feathered shanks (a dominant trait of Marans). PS - I am referring to all of them as "she" until we know the sex at 6 weeks - we're hoping for mostly pullets (young hens) so we can have many egg-layers, but it's usually closer to 50/50.


I know I shouldn't do things like name them, because then I'll get attached, but doesn't she look like a "Sparky"?

Sparky resting

They're starting to look more like chickens now, and heading toward an awkward phase of large feet and big feathers. They still have lots of down and sweet chirps. Don't grow up too fast, little ones!

Resting chick

Tonight the Earthy Cowboy and I worked on the brooding box where they currently reside to tighten up some loose corners and give them no place to perch that's not entirely safe. I was inside the box and several of the birds came right up to me and looked me in the eye. When I reached down to pet them, they didn't try to run away, which made me very happy.

Now they are all sleeping, the moon is full, and we just finished a delicious dinner of First Muse cucumbers and tomatoes, and Landisdale Farm steaks. During our first visit their yesterday, we also purchased candy onions, organic raw milk, organic butter with Irish sea salt, organic eggs, and sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon. They're just right up the road in Jonestown. In the fall, we'll be purchasing compost from them. Happy to find yet another local, organic farm with delicious food, friendly farmers, and good vibes! Pay them a visit today - their market is open Wednesdays starting at 2:30pm.


Happy Summer, friends!