Broody Hen
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Thursday, 19 April 2012 17:54

Broody GirlWell, I'm not really sure if she's broody, but she has nestled herself in the far left nesting box and won't get out. She tries to bite me when I reach down for her and she fluffs up her feathers and makes a low growl. If she were broody, she'd be sitting on eggs, right? Not a single egg in her box. I think she's sneaking food and water when I'm not looking because she's still kicking.

To snap her out of whatever it is that she's in, I pick her up (with gloved hands) and set her in the grass. She runs, eats grass, and poops, so she must ok, right? Today she was nervously running around the chicken run wondering why she was the only bird out and about, so I let Hunchie out with her. She very quickly stated her dominance and after a few pecks and feather puffs, they ran off toward the house to their favorite dust bath spot, never leaving the sight of nervous Don Juan. He doesn't like when his girls are on one side of the fence and he's on the other. He was also very jealous that they got to run in the grass and kick around the dust bowl.

Broody GirlBroody and Hunchie

Let me back track. Up until a couple of weeks ago, the chickies had full free range of the yard. When I noticed that they were destroying hostas, pooping all over the front porch, and flinging path-mulch across the universe, I decided I'd like to keep them confined to the back yard. The Earthy Cowboy is building a chicken fence this weekend (woot!) that will keep them in the backyard and still give them lots and lots of room to stretch their chicken legs. There are a few hostas back there that they'll nibble into non-existence and their favorite hiding spot, under the tall pine trees, is back there as well. They have the shade of several catalpas, the company of a rowdy hive of bees, and the enjoyment of the sugar maple and the flowering quince. I'm not sure who's more excited for the fence to be in place, me or them.

Click here to watch Broody Girl and Hunchie give themselves a dust bath.

Broody and Hunchi in Dust Bath