Chicken Proof Fence
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Saturday, 21 April 2012 07:03

Chicken FenceSo we got the chicken fence up! It was so easy and the chickies don't even notice anything new. They now have free range of the whole backyard, leaving the front for hostas and flowers to grow, UPS guys to delivery, and porches to be poop-free.  The Earthy Cowboy and I spent several hours pruning overgrown shrubs, vines, and trees, repairing a couple of broken fence posts, and about 30 minutes installing our new chicken fence.




Chicken Fence and PorchSpeckles and the FenceChicken Fence


Mantis from SpireaDuring our "hedge pruning", we found out that the Spirea Bush that we moved the first spring we lived here to its new happy home by the front porch was filled with lady bugs and 2 praying mantis cocoons! That's 6 cocoons in all that we've found this spring! They've all been moved to the high tunnel and 3 have hatched. I found a baby in the kitchen last night. It must have taken me for a ride into the house in the past couple of days. 


I was so excited to let the chickies out this morning - now they can spend every day all day doing as they please in the yard. The fence was relatively inexpensive, easty to install, and blends nicely with the green grass. And most importantly, the chickies can't jump the fence.

Chickens Behind the Chicken Fence

Ha ha, neither can Miss Fancy Pants.

Maggie Proof Fence

We have our space and they have there's. I think this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

Sunset after Chicken Fence installation