Happy Earth Day
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 17:32

Though we have much work to do on the high tunnel, work for clients and papers to grade in my classes, we took a break today and went for a lovely drive through Powell's Valley, a cozy spot on the other side of Peter's Mountain with wide open views in which we daydream about building our dome. We reminisced about the frozen scenes and the sunset that we saw on our last drive through Powell's Valley, December 25, 2008. The homes, gardens, lawns and fields are tidy and are always real pleasure to see in our passage through the valley. We couldn't believe how many yards were graced by a pink version one of our favorite trees, the weeping cherry. It seemed that every house had one somewhere in their yard! As we drove, we wondered what Kutt-A-Way Nurseries that we remembered passing 4 months ago looked like now that spring has arrived, and when we came upon the nursery, we realized where all the valley neighbors must have gotten their weeping cherry trees! There were rows upon rows of the pretty little trees, and behind them, some sort of flowering white-budded tree, perhaps another cherry? Further down the road, I pointed out another favorite, the Japanese Magnolia, another tree that we would like to see in our yard around the dome one day.

We ended up at the Halifax Giant and Dollar General to do some mid-week shopping. We nibbled on toasted/salted Corn Nuggets on the way home - my new favorite snack (and admittedly, a good bar food!).

I harvested my first batch of D'Avignon Radishes last night, and another for tonight's salad that will accompany a quick ricotta lasagna (but without the sausage). I noticed that several of the radishes were rotted, and this may be because of my overwatering, or watering too close to night time. I also noticed that my watering, even though I've used the mister on the end of the hose, has caused some shallow seedlings too uproot and fall over. I'm thrilled to think that the automatic irrigation The Earthy Cowboy is working on will solve these and so many more problems, not to mention saving me hours of watering time every day. The Rain Bird from Sprinkler Warehouse arrived today and is the first of many shipments containing irrigation supplies headed our way. Big smile. It is the main controller for all the irrigation.

Just minutes ago, he finished hanging the netting for the tomatoes, and it looks awesome! You can't really see it on the webcam though. If temps weren't going to be down to 38 F tonight, I would be out there planting them right now. If we could get the Agribon over the plants, or if we had the hoops set up to hold the Agribon, we may have had them in the tunnel earlier. So much of this is experimental right now - it's exciting, and bit unnerving, too. Our method seems to be - we read what others do, we take a guess at how we can do it in our situation and with what we have, we give it a whirl, and we see where it takes us, and hopefully remember to document it.

I planted the 2nd flush of corncockles this evening, and gave everything in the tunnel a light watering (I'm a bit over-eager to water everything - just ask the cutest cowboy around these parts about how many water spots are on tables and furniture from my overwatering house plants.). One reason why automatic irrigation is a must. I am the water bearer, I just can't help myself.

I didn't really get any SEO work done today that I had planned, but tomorrow is another day, and I will continue on.

For now, it's time to make some lasagna!