Hawk Rock
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Friday, 19 April 2013 15:47

Have you ever been to Hawk Rock? If so, you know what a good climb it is and how lovely the view; if not, make it part of your spring or summer plans. Pack a lunch, water bottles, and a hiking stick. Don't forget boots or sneakers on your feet. Stop and take photos of the views, catch your breath, and take notice of the diversity of plants that line the path -- so many more varieties than I've seen in our recent AT hikes. 

Regina Hawk RockMy friend Regina and I met at the A+ Service Station right off of 15 (Duncannon Exit). Head away from Duncannon, cross a bridge over Sherman's Creek, and when you arrive at the dead end (bar/hotel on the left), park on the right and the trailhead begins right there.

It's a strenous 2.5-ish mile loop. I briefly mention it here in my Go Take a Hike article. It's been years since I hiked this trail, and I'm not sure why - it's scenic, close by, and tends to deter flocks of people since it's not an easy stroll. I like that.


hawk rock creepiesEverywhere we stepped today, these creepy crawlies (centi-, millipedes?) were on the path. They are about the size of an earthworm, maybe a little larger, some hanging out solo, and others in piles. Welcome spring! I wondered why we didn't see birds eating them, maybe less than tasty, or even poisonous?


Most of the path is lined by mountain slope and a good deal of that is rocks, sometimes on both sides. Keep your footing and don't slip!

Rocky path Hawk RockHawk Rock Rocks

90% of the hike toward the vista, Hawk Rock, is a fairly steep ascension so you quickly have a view of Sherman's Creek, Duncannon, and the surrounding area.

Steps to Hawk RockShermans Creek Hawk Rock

Blaze Steps Hawk RockMountan Creek Hawk Rock

Almost at the top...

Tree ShroomsAlmost at the top

Hawk Rock VistaView of the Susquehanna From Hawk Rock

On the right above, a view of the Susquehanna River from Hawk Rock.

Vulture Hawk RockShermans Creek Hawk Rock

Vultures swarmed and we could see how windy it was down below by the ripples in Sherman's Creek. It was calm up on the mountain.

SR from HRFree on HR

Yea, I did. I felt free.

GE HR Shot