September Adventures on the Eastern Shore
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Friday, 01 November 2013 19:18

ES 46My friend Beth, her sweet daughter Sadie, and I drove down to visit Sadie's grandparents, Granny Jan and Grandpa Jim, during the 2nd week in September. The weather was gorgeous and we spent 4 days cruising around the coastal areas of Virginia's Eastern Shore. Their lovely home is located on Elliott's Neck and Church Creek, I think. Right off the back deck, you can walk down to the water, which I did, as soon as I awoke...




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There were hundreds of dancing cephalopods in the water around the deck.

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We started our day taking a tour through the quaint Franktown. At an antique store, I found a rad, handmade vintage basket large enough for laundry and sturdy enough for rocks.

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We had donuts at Corner Bakery- twisted, glazed, warm donuts. I gobbled mine down so fast I forgot to photograph it.

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This little kitchen store had beautiful dishware, a vinegar bar, infused oils, and all sorts of salts, spices, and herbs.

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I loved this door and window setting.

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Next time we'll have to stop here for vino and antipasti.

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Next we visited a local artist who Jan and Jim have commissioned for beautiful shore-themed pieces around their home. Sadie made a new friend.

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I loved meeting and talking to Mr. Willie Crockett. He had been a teacher in Lancaster, PA, at one point. And wanted to discuss Ayn Rand. We had to get to Cape Charles, though, so we'd have enough time for lunch and a walk along the shore.

Besides the art, there some other interesting pieces throughout the gallery...

ES 20ES 21ES 22(Perfect weather!)

Once we arrived in the beautiful Cape Charles, VA (which is about 90 miles from Richmond!), we made our way to Kelly's Gingernut Pub for lunch. On the way, we stopped and admired some of the cool newer and older homes. I love a yellow house. And a blue portico ceiling.

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The pub is an old bank converted into a restaurant and we sat inside the vault to eat! The fried pickles, crab soup, and Greenflash West Coast IPA were all delicious! Sadie tried and enjoyed everything... even a purple crayon!

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After lunch, we headed to the water for some shore time. On the way we went into Gull Hummock where I bought a stockpile of Virginia-made beer and wine to bring home to share with the Earthy Cowboy.

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It was lovely to sit in the warmth of the sun with the sound of water lapping and gulls calling.

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We headed back to Franktown before sunset happy from the day's adventures. I think most of us were asleep by 9pm.

The next day we went to an ice cream social fundraiser with Jan at a local church and then headed into Wachapreague, a historic, Victorian-era fishing town with a population of 232 people...

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Small world! Hello folks from Williamsport, PA!

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...and then stopped by a shore-side place that used to be a little town with stores and such, Bayford, but is now just a place boats use to access the water and there were a few beautiful homes around as well. Later that night when Jim took us out on the boat, we saw it from the water.

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We finished our outings with a visit to Turner Sculpture Gallery in Onley, VA. The artists, William and son David, have a fabulous collection of bronze pieces and some paintings. We all enjoyed the hour or so we spent browsing the beautiful pieces, but Sadie was most excited of all. She babbled and pointed and squealed in delight at all of the creatures the Turner's had captured in bronze. It was really fun.

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Jim was so generous and took us out on the Chesapeake before dinner (Jan's eggplant parmesan!) and it was glorious!

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Great trip!