Snowed in!
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009 14:56

Snow started falling in big white fat flakes late Friday night, one week before Christmas. It snowed all through the day on Saturday and left us with around 6-8 inches of fluffy loveliness. We loaded up the fireplace and settled in for a few snow days. I spent Saturday making soup, grading final exams, fighting a head cold with Yogi's Cold Season tea (at least a dozen cups!), streaming Soma-fm's "The Christmas Lounge: Chilled Holiday Grooves and Classic Winter Lounge Tracks", and ordering a few last minute Christmas presents online. I shoveled the walk twice and again the next day, which was a terribly windy day; the wind created snow drifts all around, it reminded me of the way sand dunes form at the beach. Our tall evergreens in the backyard looked dressed for a party, all in white!

Calliope & Bodhi in the SnowMaggie and the Shoveled WalkSnowy coated evergreens in the valley

Toward the end of the day on Saturday, I took a walk to get some pictures of the Winter Wonderland around us. It was so pretty and quiet. The valley is a winter wonderland when it snows. I so much wished I had bought a pair of cross country skis during the fall sale!

The Field covered in snowTrees in the snowWalk in the snowTrees dressed in snow

Headed up the mountain in the snowLittle Pine in the SnowTree line in the snowCreek in the snow

Maggie followed me to the barns and waited there for me to finish my walk. When I came back, I carried her to the greenhouse, where it was dark and cozy and covered in snow! It felt like what I imagine an igloo feels like. Warmer on the inside, dark, cozy and secure. She was certainly glad to be in the tunnel, away from the wind and snow.

Maggie in the SnowDoor opening to the hightunnel in the snow

The Earthy Cowboy came out and spent the last hour of sunlight breaking in the Snow Broom and removing snow from the hightunnel's roof. When he came in around dusk, I had made him a homemade cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. He sat at the table with his rosy cheeks and tousled hair and warmed up his feet by the fireplace.

EC and the SnowbroomHot chocolate on the stoveMarshmallows!Hot chocolate pouring into the mug o' marshmallowsHot chocolate - the finished product

Here's our little place, all tucked in the whiteness of the season. Love and peace to you this season.

Our house in the snow