The Pennsylvania Annual Farm Show
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 17:29

The chicken who wears his brains on the outside...In January, Harrisburg (and the Dept of Ag) hosts the annual PA Farm Show at the enormous Farm Show Complex and Expo Center. We don't attend every year, but this year we went with another couple and spent 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon walking, looking, eating, talking and making our way through the crowds in the 24 acre facility. We didn't go to see any particular rodeo, contest or event, but the schedule describes everything from "Honey Extraction Demo by the PA State Beekeepers Association" to "Championship Horse Pulling Contest".

There were so many delicious things to eat; some of the things we tried (and loved) were the rib sandwich, fried mozzarella balls, potato donuts, hemp pretzels, German Roasted nuts (my favorite farm show treat), strawberry smoothies, fried mushrooms and honey sticks.

Believe it or not, we did other things in addition to all the snacking.

We saw a red stag, a 16-year old Bison named Harvey who was ready to go home, the most gorgeous Alpacas I've ever seen, goat kids nursing their very annoyed mom, and we found the Americauna chickens we want to raise (<- that is not an Americauna. I called it the chicken that wears his brains on the outside because I can't remember its official name.) The Americaunas weren't the biggest chickens there, the English Orphingtons were much larger, but apparently Americaunas are the tougher of the two. Orphingtons are softies and can be bullied despite their size. With the raptor populations in our valley, and one particular cat named Maggie, I think we'd only have any chance at success with tough, watchful birds.

There were all kinds of bovine and equine creatures at the farm show and a variety of crafts. Folks raised Angoras and made yarn from their hair. I bought beeswax candles. There were stands there that were more akin to a Flea Market than a farm show. There was the giant butter sculpture that featured a family of dairy farmers (and their cow) gathered around a table.  There were terrariums, dioramas, flowers, photos, canned food, corsages, cakes and pies - all entered into competitions. The big room with all the farm equipment (tractors, trailers, etc.) was neat, but we were pretty tired and made that our last stop before calling it a night.

Click here to view the pictures from the farm show. (coming soon :)