Hungry Worms
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Saturday, 30 January 2010 09:00

Bag O' WormsThanks to this inspiring urban farmer for reminding me to turn that pile of food scraps on my kitchen counter into worm food for the red crawlers who live in the kitchen. I have come across the suggestion to freeze and defrost kitchen scraps for the worms time and again. Apparently it breaks down the cells of the food making it easier for the worms to digest. I'm going to try that next time. This time, I just threw it all into the food processor.


Pre-shredded scraps for worms

Here's the plate of food scraps that have been accumulating on our counter all week.


Shredded Worms Food

Here's the pile after I ran it through the food processor sans the coffee grounds. I removed the banana sticker first, but in retrospect, I think I could have left it on. Worms like paper and I don't think the adhesive part would have bothered them too much, especially after a few spins in the food processor.


Feeding Worms, part 1Feeding Worms, 2Feeding Worms, 3

Poor little dudes were hungry.


Have a good weekend!