18 inches!
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 15:10

We awoke to a winter wonderland today. It's the most snow Central PA has seen in years - nearly 18 inches! The Earthy Cowboy was out running the snowblower before 8am. After a quick cup of coffee, I joined him to pull the snow from the hightunnel with the snow broom and to clear the cars.

Snow and Clarks Creek

Southern Interior Hightunnel with SnowNorthern Interior Hightunnel with Snow

Here's how the interior of the hightunnel looks with snow built up on the roof. The right image shows our attempts to remove as much snow as we could with the snow brum and extended handle. The Gothic Arch shape helps the snow slide off, especially once the sun comes out.


Path through the snowSouthern side of hightunnel with SnowEC and the SnowBrum

I thought this was a lot of snow until I read that Washington DC got 32 inches!


Snow-brumin'Bodhi in the snowClarks Valley Road in the Snow


Several hours later we made our way back inside for warm biscuits and naps. Happy Snow Day!

Biscuits on a snow day