Aloha from the Valley
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Friday, 09 April 2010 08:19

Around 6pm last night we stood waiting on a giant thunderstorm that the NOAA radio alert had warned us about 3x in the previous hour, and that we could see ominously approaching us from the west on Google Earth. We had rolled down the sides of the high tunnel and closed up the ends of the sides with wiggle wire. They were calling for up to 60 mph winds and heavy downpour. We quite literally battened down the hatches. I kept myself busy making toffee and dark chocolate cookies. The wind picked up and the sky grew dark and the downpour came. The highest wind speed the tunnel's weather station recorded was 21.5 mph. It lasted for only a few minutes, and then the sun poked its shiny head out of the greyness and did a dance with moisture droplets in the atmosphere and cast a double rainbow in the southeastern sky while it was still raining.

Just as quickly as it came, it disappeared. These in the first picture might be the first rainbows I've seen in Clarks Valley.

Rainbow in the Valley!Sun after the Rain Northwest Sunset after the rainRainbow Carrots

Right before the storm, I was out in the tunnel digging up carrots from an October sowing, for last night's dinner. One particular variety of carrot that I was harvesting is called "Rainbow." Synchronicity? I don't know, but the carrots are sweet as sugar, tender and crisp.