Blue Rooster Farm
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:31


Our neighbor Liz introduced us to Blue Rooster Farm, a local meat farm in East Waterford, PA, owned and operated by Julie Hurst and Roy Brubaker and their two daughters.

We sampled a few pounds of the ground beef that Liz had purchased in April and loved what we tried. We looked at each other over dinner and agreed, "it tastes really fresh" and really real.  The farmers grow native PA grasses seasonally for their happy, free-roaming herds and are knowledgeable about the ecology of the fields, wetlands and forests around them. The product comes tidily packaged and frozen, and there are several places for pickup.

Julie and Roy hosted a lovely Customer Appreciation/Open Farm Day last Sunday on one of the most pleasant days we've had this May. They set up a slideshow here.

Link with Andy and Eddie

This is Link and he is driving the horses Andy and Eddie who are spreading manure in the field.

EC and Link at Blue Rooster Farm

The Earthy Cowboy and Link talk about the contraption that is used to spread manure and how it can only be pulled by horses. It's motorized and connected to a wagon-like vehicle that distributes the manure into the field as the horses pull it around.

Bottle Fed Babies at Blue Rooster Farm

These are 4 bottle fed babies who come running to greet you in hopes of milk. They are much teenier than their siblings out in the field with the adult sheep.

Lupines Blue Rooster Farm

Look at these gorgeous lupines that were growing around the farm house.

Sheep on Wagon Ride
Roy pulled everyone with his tractor for a hay ride. The mama and baby sheep are marked with the same number or tag so they can keep track of which baby belongs to what ewe. Seems sheep don't always have the most adequate mothering skills.

Mama and baby sheep
Here they seem to be having a lesson in grazing.

After a tractor ride, a walk in the woods with Roy and his botanist friend Ed, we all met back at the farmhouse for a potluck dinner, while someone played Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young songs on an acoustic guitar. What a great day it was!