See the fullness of life all around you
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 14:23

Fall colors in the back fieldIt's a cozy fall day, the leaves are spinning to the ground in colors that hint at December's Christmas lights. Rain softly falls and mist moves across the mountains. Lentil soup and baking bread are filling the house with home-smells. I'm feeling grateful for so many things.



  • Bits of color lingering from a season past. 
October Cosmos
  • All the seeds that have germinated and are reaching for the light.

Seedlings Bed 4Seedlings Red Leaf LettuceCarrot Seedlings

Spinach SeedlingsYoung Endive Mustard Seedlings

Carrot SeedlingsBaby LeeksBeet Seedlings

  • This cute little coup will provide shelter, nesting boxes and roosts for our hens. We'll have outside access to the eggs through the side box on the left, and a large door on the back will allow us to enter. The birds will use the ramp seen closed here on the front to enter and exit the house. The windows are decked out with screens and locks. And is there a better color than barn red for a chicken house?
Chicken Coop

  • The Alpen Glow
October Alpen Glow
Alpen Glow 2

Happy Fall, enjoy your weekend!