Long Shadows
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 00:00

Autumn 2010 Backyard Facing Peter's MtnDespite the near-drought we had at the end of the summer, lots of rain in early fall and other well-aligned climatic conditions gave us a better-than-expected autumn. The colors are tremendous and the trees aren't dropping their leaves at just any old gust of wind, and we've had some wind. We recorded a 32 mph gust that rolled through earlier in the month. The sun is hanging out in the sky for a shorter time each day and its position is casting long shadows in the late afternoon light.



I closed up the high tunnel last night as the sun was setting and the clamor of bird chatter from the fields and forests was incredible. It was like having my own bird sanctuary. I watched a woodpecker fly back and forth between the pear and sugar maple trees, singing to his heart’s content. The coldness is coming, as marked by Friday’s near-frost, and many of our feathered friends are heading to warmer climates. Soon, our sweet sugar maple will shed her leaves until spring.

Autumn 2010 Sugar Maple LeavesAutumn 2010 Long Shadow MapleAutumn 2010 Maple Leaves 2Autumn 2010 Long Shadows 2