Happy Cross Quarter Day!
Written by Calliope Pappadakis   
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 12:21


Lightpost with iciclesThe Examiner today tells us that "Ancient peoples...split each season, or quarter of the year, into halves. The dates on which a mid way point of a season fell came to be called a cross-quarter or mid-quarter day." And today, February 2nd, is just such a day, also known as Groundhog Day. Not evident by the icestorm here in PA and the blizzard all over the midwest, Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow and it's gonna be an early spring! We can only hope. Today is also my Mama's birthday. Happy Birthday, Ma!

The icicles hanging from every exposed surface create a chorus of tones and rhythms in the valley today as they slowly melt in the 34 degrees we're having.

Maggie and I went on a quick walk to see the ice-ridden landscape. She wasn't too pleased about the outing. I won't lie, I carried her most of the way.

Maggie in the ice

Do these come in different flavors?

Icicles on old chicken shed

Can you believe that this bush...

Our favorite bush covered in ice

...Is also this bush? I love the changing faces of the seasons.

Our favorite bush in May

Here is our lilac.

Icy lilac

And soon she'll be all dressed up and ready for the party.

Lilac in Spring

Large slabs of ice are melting and sliding down the roof of the house and the hightunnel.

Ice slabs on tunnel

As we were walking back to the house...

House in icy February

The sun was trying to push past the thick gray clouds... maybe that's what Phil saw.

Sun and ice

Happy Groundhog Day. Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of the season!

Love, The First Muse